Today I’m going to discuss a project I’ve been working on for the past month or so on and off. It’s a JavaFX project, a library that allows you to easily integrate and create toast notifications into your own programs.


So JavaFX is a GUI library for well… Java. It’s intended to replace the old guard, Swing. For good reason too, Swing looks like garbage:


I haven’t worked with GUI libraries much, so I figured this would be a good learning experience. I chose JavaFX because:

  • bundled, no need to install
  • intended to replace Swing
  • acquired by Oracle

So it makes a lot of sense to use learn and use it over something like Vaadin. Vaadin is garbage. Literal garbage. I’m using it in my Software Engineering class. It’s a pain to install, the layout system is finicky, I simply hate it.

I get it, Vaadin for web apps. No Java plugin required! Yeah…. I guess… but this chart makes me wonder:


There’s a reason why no one likes you.

Toast Notifications

Toast notifications, yum.

// Create a new JToast
        String title = "HEY YOU!";
        String message = "JToast is the coolest toast app ever!";
        Notification notification = Notifications.SUCCESS;

        JToast tray = new JToast();

It’s very simple to integrate/use. Create a JToast object, set a title, message, notification type, and animation(optional). Then run showAndWait().

The structure is as follows:

  • Location.java is used to get the location of the bottom right corner of the screen to display the notification.
  • CustomStage.java uses Java’s Rectangle2D class and handles the location/creation of the box itself.
  • JToast.java is the main java file. The constructor is found here, this is where the object is created and where the values/parameters are set.
  • NotificationType.java and AnimationType.java are enum classes.
  • Finally, the files in the animation folder are well, for the built-in animation types.





The project is on my GitHub, the direct link is here. check it out and feel free to use the library in your own apps.